Artificial Audio

Amersfoort-based Artificial Audio plays instrumental music with drums, guitar and bass only. After two years of locking themselves up in the studio they’re now ready to show the world the result. Landscapes of harmonic tunes, weird rhythms and progressive structures lead to an astonishing self-titled album that will drag you away from earth.

Not one live show is the same. With a different, partly improvised, setlist every night Artificial Audio overwhelmes with the power of an airplane, keeping things interesting by experimenting with all possible ways to get sound out of their instruments.

After recording some demo tapes, the band started recording sessions in Stout Geluid Studio in the spring of 2008. They recorded the whole album in three weekends and did some overdubs like glockenspiel, saxophone and egg shakers afterwards. After everything was recorded, they used an original seventies space echo for the mixing process.

The result is being released May 30 in The Netherlands.

Zenith of Abolition

The story of Zenith of Abolition began in September of 2006 when three brothers and a close friend joined forces to form the band. Initially started as a side-project, Zenith of Abolition soon took over as the foursome’s main musical outlet.

Emblazoned with the name Zenith of Abolition, Erik, Marty, Ray, and Robert express their hope for a world in which injustice, poverty, inequality and dysfunctional relationships will one day be abolished. Their moniker is also a tribute to the Abolitionists, who bravely fought against the institution of slavery in the 1700 and 1800s and triumphed in its obliteration in their day.

The band recorded a four song demo in January 2007 called “Unfinished tales of the abolition”, which was available as a free download. Less than a year later in December of 2007 they recorded their debut album at Warning Studios in Amsterdam called “The Villain, The Victim, The Tragedy”, a twelve-song album that displayed the bands ability to write diverse sounding rock songs that stand out.

Marty’s diverse guitar-play incorporates a warm but gritty sound that often lays the basis for songs. Robert provides intelligent, melodic bass lines that compliment the imaginative guitar play while Ray adds carefully crafted beats that compliment, not contain, each song. Erik expresses the combined instruments’ energy through emotion-saturated singing and piercing lyrics that expose the soul and vision of the band.

The creative spectrum of their songs makes it difficult to pinpoint any specific genre to contain the band. They have been heralded as alternative rock, however a close listen uncovers definite experimental elements.